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Amsterdam should not protect but adapt

Flying Money Conference hosted by The municipality of Amsterdam and Institute Network Cultures, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

23 mei 2018 17:15 | Kenniscentrum FDMCI

Several international prominent speakers came together on 22 May 2018 to conduct the discussion with the public during the Flying Money Conference. The Institute of Network Cultures of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences worked together with the municipality of Amsterdam to make this inspiring event in Amsterdam possible.

The mayor of Amsterdam, Jozias van Aartsen, opened the conference with the following words: "This conference provides an excellent opportunity for more intensive cooperation between cities in Europe."

The speakers, including Joris Luyendijk, Saskia Sassen and Caroline Nevejan, brought a wide range of perspectives on digital money and illegal cash flows. They talked about the future of money and crypto-currency, about the rise of extractive practices and investments. After a short discussion, the first panel of the conference came with the conclusions of the day: "Amsterdam should not protect but adapt, they should set up a task force to understand the financial flows."

The conference will be continued today, on 23 May, with Misha Glenny, Eric Smit and Bastian Obermayer, among others. This once again promises to be an exciting conference day with interesting discussions and fascinating new visions on the variety of themes that pass during the Flying Money conference.