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Workshop on New Urban Economies at the URBACT city festival

29 apr 2015 14:52 | CAREM

The first ever URBACT City Festival will take place in Riga, Latvia on 6-9 May 2015. A multi format and multi themed event, the Festival will showcase urban knowledge produced by the URBACT II programme and kick start the initial exchanges of URBACT III.

At the festival, Willem van Winden leads an interactive workshop on New Urban Economies. The digital revolution is gaining pace, and it is transforming our cities. E-health solutions transform the health sector, digital platforms enable the emergence of a collaborative economy, and electricity grids are increasingly “smart”. New green solutions and business models emerge. How to support a new wave of entrepreneurship? Are all citizens ready? Are the not-so-innovative companies ready? Are the policymakers aware? Are the schools and universities teaching the needed skills? What can cities do to guide the transition, if anything?

The workshop features innovative policy presentations from Dublin and San Sebastian; Also, Willem van Winden and Luis de Carvalho will present their special report on new urban economies, including case studies from all over Europe.  

Find the workshop setup here