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Course Lean MRO Amsterdam 2014 - 10/14 february 2014

More flow and less waste in your MRO organisation? In today's economic environment, it's critical

17 okt 2013 11:01

Applying lean in the MRO environment is significantly challenging. The University of Tennessee Center for Executive Education and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Aviation Academy are proud to co-host: Lean MRO Amsterdam 2014.

During this course you will:

  • Understand how to eliminate waste
  • Learn to create flow and respond quickly to customers
  • Apply lean principles plus Theory of Constraints
  • Experience hands-on methodology with industry-experienced faculty


  • Location: Amsterdam , The Netherlands
  • Date: 10-14 February 2014
  • Tuition: € 3,400
  • URL: hva.nl/aviation

For pre-registration or more information please contact Mrs. Gieta Inderdjiet g.m.inderdjiet@hva.nl

Participant profile

This course targets managers, engineers, lean change agents, and others involved in implementing lean concepts in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organisations.

Course setup

This unique course is the first of its kind to focus exclusively on MROs. The course will address eliminating waste, improving quality, creating flow, and enhancing responsiveness to customer needs in the MRO environment. The participants will gain insight into how to apply lean principles in the MRO world.

The course teaches the principles of both lean enterprise and the theory of constraints, combining presentations with extensive participant discussion. You'll share ideas, collaborate with other participants, and engage in hands-on simulations that illustrate lean principles specific to MRO.

You'll learn how to address the specific problems your MRO organisation faces:

  • High variability in demand
  • Uncertainty in work scope and material requirements
  • Unpredictable response times from support operations and external suppliers
  • Difficulty in managing shared resources
  • Physical restrictions on movement of work
  • Restrictions requiring repaired parts to be returned to the original assembly
  • Implications of the diagnosis-scheduling/dispersal/backshop/assembly/test sequence
  • Bottlenecks
  • Complex and unpredictable flow paths

In offering you an integrated approach that shows how lean enterprise works together with the theory of constraints, we'll give you a set of proven tools that will make your organization more competitive.


Course instructors are faculty of the University of Tennessee's College of Business Administration who possess a wealth of experience in lean enterprise: Dr. Melissa Bowers, Professor of Management Science and Dr. Mandyam Srinivasan, The Pilot Corporation Chair of Excellence. The University of Tennessee has over 20 years of experience applying lean specifically within MRO organizations.

Part of the course will be taught by faculty of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Aviation Academy: Dr. Robert J. de Boer, professor of Aviation Engineering and Arjan Stander, lecturer MRO. The Aviation Academy is at the forefront of LEAN MRO research in SME's.