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17 feb 2013 13:51

We managed to receive a subsidy from Stichting Innovation Alliantie (SIA). The research programme Aviation will receive a subsidy of €300.000,- to execute the 2-year research titled ‘onderhoud je marktpositie’ (maintain your competitive edge).

The research aims to strengthen the competitive position of MRO SME organisations within the Dutch aviation sector. Main research question of this research is: ‘What are the possibilities for MRO SME organisations to improve and consolidate their performance within the current context of the daily operation, that is: the unpredictable character of the maintenance, small volumes and variety in products’.

The research will be performed by (among others) Arjan Stander, Maria Boersma and Enos Postma. A nice challenge, which will bring the research programme to a next level. We would like to keep everybody informed through the kenniskring meetings, but please do not hesitate to ask, come in, and tell your suggestions and/or ideas.

Companies involved within the research project are: Jetsupport, SAMCO, NedAero, Braathens Technical AB, Martinair Maintenance & Engineering, Kok en Van Engelen, Jet Aviation, VLM Technics, RAS, VBR and Dynamic Aviation.

On Friday the 1st of February, the research project is officially started in the lounge of Jetsupport. All companies involved were able to meet each other, and from now on, we will work together to make the project a success!