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20 students particpated in exchange program

16 dec 2013 17:46 | AKMI

From 10 till 22 November 20 students of the minor Outreach Work participated in the CIF Professional Exchange Program in the Netherlands. This is a 14 day international exchange program organized by CIF Netherlands in close co-operation with the School of Social Work and Law of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The goal of the CIF Professional Exchange Program is to promote professional, cultural and educational exchange for professionals working in the field of Social Work/Human Services. The program combines practical and theoretical information about the social and cultural environment of the Netherlands. Cross-cultural exchange is a crucial part of the program as participants come from different countries. This provides opportunities for professional development, sharing and learning as well as broadening professional and personal horizons.

Theme Outreach Work

The program is divided in a one week general program for all participants, which takes place in Amsterdam, and a one week individual program in which the guests are placed in a different part of the country. The School of Social Work and Law is responsible for the first week.

The chosen theme is Outreach Work which relates to: the new professional social work profile, active intervention has regained its central place and is known as outreach work. Outreach work is oriented towards people who do not ask for help on their own accord, but who do need it. It is often the people close to those who need help who indicate that there is a problem. In this way, it is not the client's request for help that is the subject of outreach work, but an urgent problem.

The guests have learned about these ideas based on the present reality in the Netherlands, about reaching out to people. It gave them a unique chance to experience both the theoretical and practical side of this approach and relate this to their own specific field of work.

Thanks to the students of the minor Outreach Work who helped to make this week possible. You let everyone see that with a little contact to vulnerable people you can make their lives and yours valuable. Thanks to lector Martin Stam for his lecture about governance no managing from above but bottom-up and social workers should work together with the clients: connect and help with their solutions.

Also thanks to JES: Jamal, Michiel and others. People from Vivium, www.vivium.nl/hogewey , the Ambulantory team Salvation Army, http://kerkenbuurtwesterpark.nl/ , Eetlokaal LT, www.eetlokaallt.nl , Newbe and special thanks to Kees Mak for his last performance for CIF as head of international office. Kees, thank you!

Remember: Social Work students can also be part of a CIF exchange program after their graduation. Look at www.cif-netherlands.org for more information.

Contact: Simona Gaarthuis, s.a.m.gaarthuis@hva.nl