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Andre Koffeman en Marco Snoek winnen Best Paper Award

Andre Koffeman en Marco Snoek winnen de Best Paper Award van de IPDA conferentie 2017

21 feb 2018 17:42 | Faculteit Onderwijs en Opvoeding

Tijdens de jaarlijkse IPDA conferentie van de International Professional Development Association die in november 2017 plaats vond in Wales presenteerde Andre Koffeman een paper getiteld Identifying context factors as a source for teacher professional learning. De uitwerking van deze paper door André Koffeman en Marco Snoek heeft de IPDA Best Paper Award 2017 gewonnen.

Samenvatting van de paper

This article takes as a starting point the idea that teacher professional learning can be understood as the result of the teachers’ confrontations and interactions with and within their professional contexts (Akkerman & Bakker, 2011; Beijaard, Verloop, & Vermunt, 2000; Kelchtermans, 2012). The nature of these contexts is explored through a review of the literature, and by an analysis of teacher learning autobiographies and learner reports. The findings suggest that three contexts can be identified: a theoretical domain, a personal practice domain, and a social domain, and that confrontations can be planned as well as unplanned. The relevance of the study is that understanding the ways in which context determines professional learning of teachers can help to promote it in specific areas.