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IXA organises a new series of workshops in valorisation

19 sep 2016 14:57 | Kenniscentrum Digitale Media en Creatieve Industrie (CREATE-IT)

IXA organises a new series of workshops on various topics in valorisation. The workshops are very pratical to get you started immediately. The workshops are open to all scientists from AMC, HvA, UvA, VU, VUmc and NWO Institutes. Participation is free of charge and for the workshops starting at 08:30 breakfast will be served. The location of the workshops is alternately at the VU, UvA or AMC.

Introduction in valorisation, Thursday 29 September, 08:30-10:30, location VU
What is valorisation? Why is valorisation relevant to my research? How do I make a start with valorisation? The workshop “Introduction in valorisation” will deal with these and other questions.
For more information and registration.

How to valorise successfully, Thursday 13 October, 8:30-10:30, location UvA Science Park
Do you have an idea with societal or commercial potential but you don’t know what steps you should take to be successful? In this workshop we will go through the entire valorisation process; from the starting point to the further development of the idea, the organisation around the valorisation process, the legal aspects and identifying your network. For more information and registration.

The next step in valorisation, Thursday 27 October, 8:30-10:30, location t.b.a.
Generating ideas is not too difficult. To make your idea more concrete is usually more complicated. Which steps are to be taken? In this interactive workshop we show different models to develop your idea one step further: What are the benefits? Which problem will you solve for whom? And how do you organise your valorisation activities? For more information and registration.

Presentation skills in network situations, Wednesday 2 November, 8:30-11:30, location UvA Science Park
Valorisation implies contacting external parties in search for cooperation or exchanging knowledge. In this skill training you learn how to get attention for yourself and your idea or research in networking situations. During this workshop you will be able to practice your elevator pitch and how to present yourself in network situations. For more information and registration.

How to collaborate with external partners? Thursday 10 November, 8:30-11:30, location VU
You have interesting research results or a great new idea, and you hope they can benefit society. To bring them to societal use, often a company has to take interest. In this workshop you will meet valorisation experts. They will give you an overview of what industry is looking for, and how you can prepare yourself to enter into dialogue with industry. For more information and registration.

How to finance your idea, Thursday 24 November, 8:30-10:30, location UvA Science Park
From valorisation grants to collaborating with companies
In this workshop we provide an overview of the financing possibilities in the different stages of the valorisation process. We are going to discuss the various types of valorisation grants and funds.
The utilisation paragraph will also be discussed. And we will cover other forms of financing, like crowdfunding and collaborating with a company. What is a company looking for and what are important criteria for them to collaborate? For more information and registration.

Intellectual Property and Research Contracts, Thursday 8 December, 08:30-10:30, location AMC
What should you take into account in collaborations with an external partner. What do you need to settle in a contract. Who is authorized to sign and should Intellectual Property (IP) always be included in a contract? In this workshop we will answer all this question and we will also discuss IP and patenting shortly.
For more information and registration.

Patent workshop
What is a patent? Why should I apply for it? What can I use it for? What’s in it for me?
These and other topics will be covered in this workshop. The patent workshop offers a highly interactive program, with much room for questions and discussions. If you are interesed to attend a patent workshop please send an e-mail to info@ixa.nl.