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Helena Vazquez Lopez from Spain (minor Global Health)

7 aug 2018 09:00 | BOOT

I worked at the BOOT Nieuw-West location during my Fieldwork Project (minor Global Health), a project where some classmates and myself were given an assignment by the municipality of Nieuw-West. The main objective of this project was to get to know the wants and needs of the community that would fit the Amsterdam health program and safety criteria for the equipment and would fit the renovation budget of the Paul Scholtenstraat playground.

In order to achieve this, BOOT Nieuw-West has been a huge help for us, because we could get information from experts that work with children and also know the community better than us. We met very interesting people whom did not just help us with our project, but also taught us things that we could use in our future and we learned so many personal skills that will help us to affront different challenges in the future.

At the beginning our plan was to work at BOOT once a week, but in the end we went at least three times a week, because of its work environment. It became a place where we could work and be close to the community. Also because it was close to the municipality and Mirtele Snabilie was one of the coaches of the project and she was there every day, it was a great way to keep us on track. BOOT provided us with a place to work close to the playground and close to the community whom the renovation is for; it provided us with a place where the community could come to us in case we needed it. And also, it provided us with great work environment that pushed us to do our best on the report we had to present to the municipality.