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GARS Friday 21st of June 2013

11 nov 2013 09:59

The German Aviation Research Society (GARS) is a platform for practitioners and academics who work in the aviation field. Since its first workshop in 2002 GARS has evolved into an international network for research in aviation.


The society organises several workshops throughout the year and publishes books at Ashgate Publishing Co. on various aviation-related topics. GARS is a non-for-profit organisation that acts as a discussion forum, promotes a dialog between theory, practice and policy and promotes academic work in the field of aviation. (www.garsonline.de) On the first day of the GARS congress on Friday the 21st of June, Djon Snel and Mathijs Marttin were last to present their research at the Junior Researchers' Workshop. Besides their presentation about 'maintaining your competitive edge', other interesting topics were presented such as economics, innovation, development and politics within the aviation business. In front of an international audience of about 40 attendees, Djon and Mathijs began their presentation with a short introduction about the two-year research project and their findings of phase one which started in February and ended in July. Central topics during the first phase were defining the problem , performance management and process improvement . Their research at SMEs focussed on the weak spots within the companies to follow through in phase two with developing improvement tools . The paper was read and commented by Hans Martin Niemeier lecturer at the Hochschule Bremen. He mentioned that most of his questions were already answered in the on-going process and the presentation. Clearly is that this project is a work in progress . Hans Martin Niemeier addressed the problem that SMEs do not have, or take the time to improve their processes because they are subjected to work under pressure. He also mentioned that the amount of eight SMEs is not sufficient for this research. Talking about improvement, relative to whom do you improve? To which quality norms do you measure? Make sure to have good SME benchmarks and not companies such as Lufthansa Technik. He suggested to look at suppliers of Lufthansa Technik situated in Ireland and Malta, SMEs that cooperate with Lufthansa Technik. The overview of visited SMEs was appreciated by Hans Martin Niemeier, but also raised the question why they gathered all the data in phase one for the complete project. His personal opinion is that only after the halfway point of the project there is enough data gathered to identify and map out the problems within SMEs. Companies are known not to share sensitive information, so is there an alternative? He suggested thinking ahead to where you want to end with this research, because you need to gather a lot of data. Last but not the least suggestion was to make a literature-based analysis about the four best methods. It is not guaranteed that the most used method is the best, other methods might work as well, or even better. * Link: "GARS paper - Process Optimization" * * Link: "GARS paper - Performance Management" *