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Sport Studies

Bachelor's, full-time

Do you have a head for business and a heart for sport? Then Sport Studies - track International Sports, Management and Business (ISMB), is the place for you.

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Future sport managers need to work successfully within an international context. Combining English-language instruction in management theory with three (international) internships, the programme helps you build your CV while earning a degree.

Sport Studies - track ISMB is a four-year degree programme focused on business and management within the international sports industry. During your study, entrepreneurial skills and spirit will provide a solid foundation as you learn to research, plan, organise, lead, manage and evaluate the business of sport. In the first two years, you’ll also participate in a variety of sports to further develop your management and interpersonal skills.

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The contact time within Sport Studies - track ISMB comprises of lectures, tutorials, supervision and academic counselling, among other things. The number of contact hours in the first year is 20 hours per week. Contact hours are considered equivalent to 50-minute teaching hours. In addition to your contact hours, you are expected to spend around 20 hours per week working (either alone or with fellow students) on projects and research, assignments, or preparing for classes/exams via self-study.

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Graduates are prepared for a wide range of starting positions in for example sport federations, sport organisations, sport event agencies, sport marketing and media companies and sport development organisations. Some graduates choose to start their own business.

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To be admitted to Sport Studies - track ISMB you need to have completed secondary education equivalent to the Dutch havo, vwo or mbo-4 level. See the admission requirements page for international equivalents. This means that you should have completed secondary education with at least a pass in Mathematics and preferably Economics or Business as well.

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You can enrol for the 2020–2021 academic year from 1 October 2019 to 15 January 2020 at the latest, by completing the step-by-step plan. In view of the high level of interest in this degree programme, the number of available places will be limited (enrolment quota). The degree programme will select students.

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