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Quickscan at Braathens Technical in Sweden

16 mei 2014 10:22
In week 18, we visited Braathens Technical for "Maintain your competitive edge" research. We developed a "quickscan" to provide Braathens with the six steps from our regular roadmap fitted in one week.

Defining the opportunities at Braathens with the management team, as a start, gave us insight in the company. From this point we determined what we wanted to investigate during this week. We chose to investigate the work floor for opportunities to reduce waste and interviewed employees on different levels

in the company to investigate opportunities mentioned by the management team, which were more on strategic level.

After the first day, we were given permission to run a camera during the nightshift. We positioned the camera so that it gave a clear image of the work floor. The video from the camera was analysed and the data from this analyses was extended with data from our own observations during the first part of a nightshift. The data of the video analyses and the data from our own analyses gave an insight in what and how technicians are performing maintenance at Braathens.

We used the remaining days to verify our information, brainstorm about possible solutions, mould data into informational charts and make a presentation for the management team meeting on Friday.

Conclusion: we provided Braathens with information about their opportunities to improve from a different perspective and substantiated by data and interviews. We added solutions and examples from our experience to the information. Experiencing this "quickscan" at Braathens gave us more insight in how to help MRO SME's with process optimization.

Mathijs Marttin, research assistant "Maintain your competitive edge"

"I think you did a pretty good job for the short period you were here!" - Dennis Westin, Area Manager Headquarter, Braathens Technical