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Fifth Studium Excellence lecture is organized by reseach program

22 feb 2013 14:01

The Studium Excellence programme is set up for all fist and second students of the School of Technology, who want to excel during their education. The fifth Studium Excellence lecture and corresponding workshops is being organized by the research programme Aviation.

The lecture and workshops were themed ‘UAVs’. Unmanned aircraft systems of various formats are being deployed by a growing number of users for a growing number of tasks. Gradually, these systems grow out to be an important resource in a wide range of (civil) applications. You could think of an inspection method for high, or hard to reach objects, overview of areas that need safety, detection of fire, precision farming purposes, instrument for measuring purposes, and more. The students are introduced to a world with different aspects: the development, production and exploration of drone purposes.

This is done during excursions and workshops, in which they use the current knowledge to realize drone purposes. The goal of the assignment is to deliver a working drone, fitted with a camera. By attaching a camera to the drone, images from the earth can be generated. The images can be used to create an overview of situations. Teams will fit the drone with a camera. The product will be tested in a contest at the end of the Studium Excellence programme. During the contest, a parkour must be completed. During the flight, the drone has to make footage of objects along the parkour.