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4D City Making: Interactive City Models


Arcam (Architecture Center) is currently working on a new vision for the new policy period 2021-2024. One of the components of this program is the development of an interactive city model that can be used to become a “conversation piece” when organizing debates about the future of the city.

There is a long tradition of urban models as a planning and communication tool. However, the emergence of digital and interactive media offers new possibilities for the “medium” urban model. With projection mapping, augmented reality, and the use of real-time data can enable extra dynamic layers to be added to the city model.

Arcam would like to develop such a digital city model. The aim is to use it as a medium to organize conversations/debates/information provisions about developments in the city in an inclusive manner. The model then functions as a “platform” around which an (interactive) program can be made for various subjects. The title 4d city making refers to the three-dimensional arrangement and physical, shared experience of the city model, in which participation/discussion/debate becomes a fourth ‘dimension’ added through programming in the interactive media layer. The 4D city model as a “conversation piece” that enables us to jointly hold the conversation about the future of the city.

Civic Interaction Design Researchers

Gabriele Ferri, Martijn de Waal, Wouter Meys, Pamela Nelson, Katy Barnard.

Financed by

Center of Expertise Urban Governance and Social Innovation - Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Research Partners

Lectoraat Bouwtransformatie, Master Digital Design, UGSI Programma Inclusief Bouwende Stad, AMSIB programmalijn MAPPING IMAGINARIES

Project Partners

Arcam (Architectuur Centrum Amsterdam), OBA Library of Amsterdam.

Gepubliceerd door  Kenniscentrum FDMCI 5 februari 2021

Project Info

Startdatum 01 jan 2020
Einddatum 31 dec 2021