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Study 'Delivering education across borders in the European Union'

Research about cross-border higher education within the Member States of the European Union.

Research led by:

Bertelsmann Stiftung/CHE-Consult in Bonn.

Research partners:

  • European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities (ESMU)
  • ECORYS Research and Consultancy
  • Horváth & Partners Management Consultants
Aims of the study:
  • Provide a mapping of the cross-border provision of higher education within the Member States of the European Union (of both EU and non-EU based institutions) and of the relevant regulatory framework.
  • Provide an analysis of the contintious issues related to the quality of cross-border higher education services.
  • Identify the link and interdependence between provision, regulation and quality.
Lecturer Hans de Wit coöperates as an External Advisor with Peter Scott of the Institute of Education, Londen and Stamenka Uvali?-Trumbi?, Consultant UNESCO.
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Project Info

Startdatum 27 mrt 2012