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I believe, therefore I can: Bug-in-Ear synchronous performance feedback to increase language teacher


Preservice teachers need feedback in order to progress. Generally this feedback is provided after the lesson, sometimes even days after the lesson even though we know that it will more likely be processed if it is provided within the context of the lesson. But how can that be achieved without disrupting the lesson?”

One of the most important components of teacher education is their practical experience and the feedback received on their teaching. Feedback is a powerful tool in teacher education which can be a catalyst for progress (Black & Wiliam, 1998; Hattie & Timperley, 2007; Carless, 2006). It provides preservice teachers with information on the gap between where they are currently and where they need to be in terms of effective teaching behaviour. Effective, timely feedback can increase preservice teacher self-confidence (Ferguson, 2011), self-regulation (Bangert-Drowns, Kulik, Kulik, & Morgan, 1991; Hattie & Timperley, 2007; Narciss & Huth, 2004) and motivation (Yuan & Kim, 2015).

The aim of this research project is to determine whether synchronous performance feedback, provided in situ to second year preservice teachers using a wireless earpiece during their lessons will help their self-efficacy perceptions, self-regulation and performance and whether it can be a viable means for augmenting more traditional, asynchronous feedback. To that end we will develop a tool for the provision of feedback, which encompasses four levels of feedback (Hattie and Timperley, 2007) as well as aspects of the ICALT (van de Grift, 2007) and national teaching standards (Staatsblad 2017, 148, 2017) and which takes account of possible cognitive overload. After training expert teacher educators, we will provide synchronous feedback and assess levels of self-efficacy and self-regulation.

Naam onderzoeker L.A. (Louise) Taylor

Prof. dr. R.J. (Ron) Oostdam
Prof. dr. R.G. (Ruben) Fukkink


dr. Catherine van Beuningen

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit Onderwijs en Opvoeding 10 maart 2024

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Startdatum 01 jan 2020
Einddatum 01 dec 2025



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