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UCOILD - Unfolding Collaborative Online International Learning Didactics


The UCOILD project addresses the need for further investigations of the potential of virtual exchange to sustain internationalisation in times of crisis and beyond, working towards resetting education and training for a more digital, sustainable, and inclusive age. The UCOILD cooperation partnership will focus on the crucial facilitation of learning by lecturers. It will provide innovative didactical solutions by investigating how to unfold virtual international learning environments through student centered, experiential, inclusive and reflective didactics to foster intercultural and digital competences as part of the curriculum.


  • exploring inclusive, student-centered, experiential, and reflective didactics within (students as co-developers)
  • developing a COIL toolkit
  • producing a COIL curriculum design for local implementation of the participating partners

Expected results

COIL toolkit
COIL curriculum design




UCC Copenhagen (coordination)
OsloMet, Norway
Mondragon University, Basque, Spain

More info:

Rikke Pedersen, (UCOILD project manager)

Gepubliceerd door  Kenniscentrum Onderwijs en Opvoeding 20 december 2023

Project Info

Startdatum 01 mrt 2022
Einddatum 30 sep 2024