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In this high-level research programme 3rd of 4th year students with a design or design-related background are offered the change to reinforce their critical, analytical and research skills.

Caitlin Worthington

Starting in February, this special programme offers students 4 separate high-level theoretical courses. Intended for students with the ambition of pursuing an academic career, after their applied sciences studies, the programme combines current affairs related to fashion, technology and the body with state of the art analytical tools.

One module is specifically focussed the fashionable body and focuses on notions of the body, each in their specific, cultural context. The anthropological insights acquired will be discussed for their potential to be used as pointers to help us understand modern European society.

The Theories of Culture module is divided in two parts, of which the first is dedicated to structuralist views one may relate to fashion and fashion cultures. It discusses fashion as a signifying practice, fashion’s role in class struggles, the other, and the performance of gender. The second part concentrates on developing a philosophical perspective upon fashion that succeeds to move beyond representation of identity.

Marketing and Consumer Culture is dedicated to two issues that have always been relevant for fashion, and that other industries are increasingly adopting: The determent role of aesthetic over functional values and the role of products in the process of symbolic interaction.

And since the students are required to write a 5.000 – 6.000 word paper for each of the three modules, they are offered a course in academic reading, writing and referencing.

The presentation of the end results is in the hands of the participating students and may be expected in the last two weeks of June. More details will be communicated here in due time.


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Knowledge Centre Digital Media & Creative Industry), Rebecca Louise Breuer, Kim Bruggeman, Caroline Hanken, Constantin von Maltzahn and Margreet Riphagen

Funding source:

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

26 juli 2019

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Startdatum 01 feb 2019
Einddatum 01 jul 2019


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