Closed-Loop Fashion Production


Closed-Loop Fashion Production explored new production techniques for post-consumer wool recycling.

A central challenge for wool recycling is the fibre length needed to create new yarn. In the process of mechanical recycling fibres shorten each cycle. In this project we explored the use of these shorter fibres in alternative production techniques aimed at creating non-woven materials in 3D shapes, avoiding the manufacture of new yarn.
Closed-Loop Fashion Production is a consortium of small organizations with expertise in wool recycling, creative material research, innovation in flexible 3D manufacture equipment and scientific research.

This project was funded by SIA's KIEM VANG programme.

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Bright.loops (Ellen Mensink)

Karin Vlug | fashion design

Optimal forming solutions (Sebastiaan Boers).

26 juli 2019

Project Info

Startdatum 23 feb 2016
Einddatum 22 feb 2017


Irene Maldini
Laura Duncker