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AUAS Entrepreneurship Research Lunch with Burcu Kör

Lunch, learn and discuss research and entrepreneurship. Every two weeks on Tuesdays from 12.00-13.00.


Tuesday 29 October, Burcu Kör will give a presentation about how to promote managers’ innovative behaviour at work. Burcu Kör has been working as a researcher at the Center of Entrepreneurial Dynamics and International Strategy, and as Assistant Prof at Amsterdam School of International Business since 2017.


She has various research interests, including entrepreneurial orientation, knowledge management, innovation and cyber security. In her lunch presentation, she will explain how organizations can increase their intrapreneurship and innovative capability by taking advantage of individual-level innovative behavior, with a special focus on individual factors and perceptions.

Burcu Kör

Burcu holds a Ph.D. in Management and Organization from the Istanbul University. In the scope of the Ph.D. thesis study, she focused on the individual and contextual factors that affect innovative work behavior. During the Ph.D. period, she had a visiting scholar at the University of Texas at Dallas and the Open University of the Netherlands. She is a visiting researcher at the Thapar School of Management in India and works with colleagues from the USA, India and Turkey.

The lunch is arranged and brought to you by the Entrepreneurship Program. Please make sure to reserve your seat in advance so we can make sure there’s plenty for everyone.

Date: Tuesday 29 October 2019
Time: 12.00-13.00
Location: Amsterdam Venture Studios at the Wibaut building

Entrepreneurs are a product of society's needs and wants. Entrepreneurs will be conditioned by their social environment and may perceive opportunities in a manner that is influenced by their social background (Anderson & Miller, 2002).

Knowledge exchange researchers AUAS

The Entrepreneurship Research Lunches are organized every two weeks on Tuesdays to stimulate and promote knowledge exchange between AUAS researchers and other AUAS employees with a strong research interest in topics linked to the role of entrepreneurship in economic and societal changes in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

As entrepreneurship is a cross-theme for the AUAS, topics and themes for the lunches may range from research on entrepreneurship in health, entrepreneurship and technology, social entrepreneurship to fintech, edutech or legal aspects of small business management.

The lunches are organized by the AUAS Entrepreneurship Program and Professorship for Entrepreneurship with contributions of Smart City Academy and CEDIS.

Published by  Ondernemerschap 21 October 2019