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AUAS Entrepreneurship Research Lunch with Jechiam Gural

Lunch, learn and discuss research and entrepreneurship. Every two weeks on Tuesdays from 12.00-13.00.


On Tuesday, October 15, Jechiam Gural, initiator of the Baking Lab, will be our speaker during the entrepreneurship lunch. After studying biology, Gural worked in IT for twenty years. Until he decided that he finally wanted to do something with his fascination for bread.


Together with a team - which includes a remarkable number of people with a beta background - Gural now runs Baking Lab for about 4 years.

"The basis of Baking Lab is 'the experiment'. And this must be scientific as much as possible.” - Initiator of the Baking Lab Jechiam Gural 

The lunch is arranged and brought to you by the Entrepreneurship Program. Please make sure to reserve your seat in advance so we can make sure there’s plenty for everyone.

Date: Tuesday 15 October 2019
Time: 12.00-13.00
Location: Amsterdam Venture Studios at the Wibaut building

Knowledge exchange researchers AUAS

The Entrepreneurship Research Lunches are organized every two weeks on Tuesdays to stimulate and promote knowledge exchange between AUAS researchers and other AUAS employees with a strong research interest in topics linked to the role of entrepreneurship in economic and societal changes in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

As entrepreneurship is a cross-theme for the AUAS, topics and themes for the lunches may range from research on entrepreneurship in health, entrepreneurship and technology, social entrepreneurship to fintech, edutech or legal aspects of small business management.

The lunches are organized by the AUAS Entrepreneurship Program and Professorship for Entrepreneurship with contributions of Smart City Academy and CEDIS.


Published by  Ondernemerschap 26 September 2019