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Venturing with Equalture

Find out how the twins Charlotte & Fleur (21) build up their successful tech company!


Charlotte Melkert shares her story on the 21st of March. Equalture helps you to select the best candidate for the job by providing you with an accurate job successfulness prediction, based on both experience and potential. This tool is simply saying hi to data and bye to bias.

Tech company with matching software

Equalture is a tech company with matching software for recruiters and it is a great success! Recruiters can select the perfect candidates with this tool without bias as 'name', 'gender'or 'age'. The unique selling point is the combination of games, bias-free screening and automatically matching. 

This success didn't come naturally, Charlotte and Fleur got a lot of rejections from investors and after a thousand times they finally got a 'yes'. 

On the 21st of March Charlotte shares her story

During Venturing With she tells you about her first steps in entrepreneurship.  She will share her ups and downs with starting her own company. 


So come, be there and listen. This event is free and located in the Amsterdam Venture Studios, ground floor left from the head entrance. Register here or via the button!

See you there!

Date:                        donderdag 21 maart
Time:                        16.00-17.30 
Location:                  Amsterdam Venture Studios Amstelcampus, Wibautstraat 3b
Amsterdam Venture Studios is located in Wibauthuis, left from the head entrance.

Register here for Venturing with!

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