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Business Start-up & Team Coaching

In the Honours module Business Startup and Team Coaching program you will become familiar with team- and leadership coaching, both theoretical and ‘on-the-job’.

Working as an ‘assistant-' or ’student-coach’ alongside an experienced coach and a business advisor in the business startup project Co-Creative Entrepreneurship (CCE), you will support students with setting up and running a business startup, and help them develop their entrepreneurial and leadership skills. In the process you will develop your own leadership-coaching skills through observation, analysis, intervention and inter-vision.

In this honours module you will learn the foundations of leadership- and team-coaching as well as the ins and outs of business startup tools, and apply them in the setting of the Co-Creative Entrepreneurship student-startup venture teams. You will discover how to positively influence behaviour and team dynamics, experimenting with different coaching techniques to experience what fits best, when and why, and you will learn to develop your own coaching style. In the module various workshops will be organised to make you familiar with different coaching techniques and your own development through inter-vision sessions with each other.

Coordinator: Anoesjka TImmermans
Semester: Language: English
All HvA atudents are welcome.

In combination with Co-Creative Entrepreneurship.

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit Business en Economie 13 november 2018