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Campfire session: Impact, investing and triple return

This session is part of the metropolitan conference Beyond the Inner Circle


Join our campfire session on impact investing & real estate. How can we offer investors in real estate a competitive financial return by putting social and ecological return first?

The real estate industry impacts our world in many ways; creating the environment we live in, it’s one of the biggest industries in both capital value as turn-over, and it has a huge carbon footprint. Its culture and its business mentality are quite traditional, putting financial return first and often overlooking social and environmental consequences.

Labels such as BREEAM and WELL are becoming very popular with investors, mainly because they increase rental income and building value.
But what’s wrong with that?

Even better, this ‘triple-return’ effect has a great hidden potential; today we are at the dawn of a new era where socialenvironmentaland financial return can further strengthen each other!

In this session, we want to connect the dreamers with the realists and the progressives with the conservatives. This means: ACTION.

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Tuesday 18 june 13.30-16.30 hr
Circl,  Gustav Mahlerplein 1B
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This session is part of the metropolitan conference Beyond the Inner Circle. Collectief duurzaam bouwen aan een metropool zonder afval from 9.30-16.30 in Circl.

Contact person HvA: Frank Suurenbroek (Urban Technology)

Gepubliceerd door  Afdeling Communicatie 5 juni 2019