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Experience the startup journey of Physee at Venturing with...

This startup is conquering the world with an electricity-generating window

8 mei 2018 22:35 | Ondernemerschap

On the 17th of May at 4:00 pm Drim Stokhuizen, Design Engineer at PHYSEE will share his lessons learned. A remarkable story about chasing ideals, innovation, and entrepreneurship especially for everyone interested in sustainability and wanting to learn from other startups.

The story of PHYSEE Willem Kesteloo and Ferdinand Grapperhaus, who were writing their thesis, discovered a mutual mission: leading the transition towards sustainable energy in the built environment. In 2014 the students founded PHYSEE and started developing electricity-generating windows. In 2017 the founders were profiled in Forbes Magazine as ‘Forbes 30 under 30 Europe’.

PHYSEE believes in viewing your environment with a professional lens and challenging the status quo. But, how does one go about doing this? How do you discover opportunities for innovation through your educational background? And, once you have an idea, what is the next step?

So are you interested in contributing to the transition towards renewable energy in the built environment? Or are you simply interested in hearing the challenges of entrepreneurship? Come and discover the journey from thesis spin-off to award-winning startup.

And of course, there is a chance to get to know each other over afternoon drinks after the event.

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Venturing With… is our monthly talk show in which we ask an innovative startup to tell their story about how their idea came to be and the highs and lows after that.

It is meant to introduce innovative entrepreneurship to all Amsterdam University of Applied Science students, and not only those interested in becoming their own boss. We want to show especially those who study to become nurses, programmers, teachers and product designers that entrepreneurship can be a way to make a real impact. Show the promise and excitement of entrepreneurship and at the same time debunk myths like that entrepreneurship is an individualists game, entrepreneurs are born not made and that to be successful you have to be lucky and extremely charismatic.

So are you a student and do you want an invite to every event? Or are you a lecturer and do you want to bring your students or include the events in your curriculum? Please contact us at ondernemerschap@hva.nl