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Entrepreneurship lunch with Maarten Hogenstijn


On 6 November Maarten Hogenstijn will present on his research for the Social Entrepreneurship Lab and his new book on social entrepreneurship: ‘Sociaal ondernemerschap: grip op het begrip’.

Social entrepreneurship is a ‘hot topic’. More and more enterprises present themselves as social and there is growing interest among teachers, students and policy makers. At the same time, it proves difficult to get a good grip on the concept. With his new book, Maarten aims to provide some clarity. In his presentation he will place social entrepreneurship in context, focusing on impact and social value creation. He will also discuss the current situation in the Netherlands.

Lunch participants receive a printed copy of the book!
The book is available in open access via this link. 

Maarten is a researcher in social entrepreneurship within the AUAS Entrepreneurship Program, and linked to the professorships HRM and Cultural and Social Dynamics. He also works as a freelancer from his own company 'De Hertaler', where he performs various research activities for universities and colleges. Maarten Hogenstijn trained as a social geographer and journalist. Maarten Hogenstijn has been conducting research into social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam since August 2015 within the Entrepreneurship Program of the AUAS.

Date:                     6 november
Time:                     12.00-13.00 
Location:              Amsterdam Venture Studios, Wibautstraat 3b.
Amsterdam Venture Studios is located at Wibauthuis, left of the main entrance.

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