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Seminar Working together on professional knowledge development

SMAAKMAKER - A half-day program for higher education professionals


The development of higher professional education requests active collaboration between researchers and lecturers. Lecturers and researchers will collectively (further) develop their projects to create synergy between research and teaching to benefit their students.

Onderzoek in onderwijs

Professor Mick Healey will guide disciplinary teams of lecturers, researchers and students to shape their own projects for the further integration of research and education to benefit student learning.

The afternoon program is designed for small groups of participants that consist of lecturers, researchers and students who collectively agree to sign in and work together on their collaborative (new) projects. Groups can consist of 2 persons or more, but ideally have researchers and lecturers in them.





Workshop by Mick Healey; working together on professional knowledge development


Reflection on the day - Jean Tillie





​April 17th 2018, 13-17 hrs


Tolhuistuin, Tolhuisweg 5 in Amsterdam, room Tuinzaal.

Take the ferry (Buiksloterwegveer) at the back of Central Station. It takes 3 minutes to reach the other side. You'll find the entrance of Tolhuistuin (IJ-ingang) about 50 metres from the ferry (left).


Maximum of 50 participants. Admission is free of charge.

  • AUAS-colleagues apply by filling in the online registration form (login AUAS).
  • Non-AUAS partners apply by sending an email to academie@hva.nl with the following information: your name, address and the name of your Institution or company.
  • Students can be registered by a AUAS-colleague sending an email to Peter Dekker, p.j.dekker@hva.nl.

The strategic program 'Research in Education' (dutch: Onderzoek in Onderwijs, OiO) is part of the strategic mission of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (2015-2020). The direction of the program OiO is given by two formal university aims:

  • All educational programs are expected to (re)consider their perspective on the position of research in the related vocational field, and hence in their educational program (before the end of 2017)
  • All educational programs are expected to re-design their curricula accordingly (before the end of 2020).

The strategic program Research in Education supports educational teams, as well as faculties in fulfilling this assignment. For more information please check www.onderzoekinonderwijs.nl.


If you have any questions, please contact Didi Griffioen, d.m.e.griffioen@hva.nl.

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