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Pressure Cooker Workshop: Opportunity knocks

Workshop Programma Ondernemerschap


Some individuals seem to have a nose for spotting opportunities: they spot them wherever and whenever they go. Unfortunately, too many other people think it is not for them. But is that really true? Spot your own opportunities in one afternoon during a playful pressure cooker workshop. The winners will be honoured with an apple pie!

Rode elektrische auto aan oplaadpaal

Research shows that almost everyone with some knowledge about the nature and origin of opportunities, and an open mindset, can create the circumstances that enable them to spot the opportunities around them as well.  During the workshop Opportunity Knock participants experience how to think in terms of opportunities and how to spot everywhere.

UAUS Enterpreneurship Program

Stimulating entrepreneurship forms one of the key ambitions of AUAS. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting, from one's own profession and ambitions, driven by innovation and with an emphasis on sustainable development takes center stage in this process. The workshop will be monitored by researchers from the Entrepreneurship Program as part of ongoing research on the effects of interventions on entrepreneurial behavior.

Forbes Under 30 Summit

The workshop is a part of the Forbes Under 30 Summit. For the first time, Forbes will convene 300 game changers and entrepreneurs at the U30 Summit Europe in Amsterdam.  Over the course of three days, Forbes will bring the most creative and accomplished young list members together from across the continent for inspiring programming led by the world’s leading business minds, evening and daytime excursions that will immerse attendees in Dutch culture, and unparalleled networking opportunities. 


AUAS students and staff with an interest in entrepreneurship or simply want an exciting afternoon are welcome to join the workshop at september 7th from 14.00-17.00hr at Floor, WBH 02A30. Language: Dutch or English depending on the presence of international AUAS participants. Registration via https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-opportunity-knocks-49808895748)

Gepubliceerd door  Afdeling Communicatie 4 september 2018