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Urban Technology

dhr.  S.B.S. Yap (Sebastian) MSc.

Senioronderzoeker & Technologiescout
Leeuwenburg, Weesperzijde 190, 1097 DZ Amsterdam
Postbus 1209,1000 BE Amsterdam
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Currently Sebastian is a researcher in the Digital Production Research group (PDRG). The DPRG is connected to the Center of Expertise Urban Technology, and operates within the Robot Studio of the AUAS. The DPRG explores the impact of digital design and production technologies (industry 4.0) to help address urgent societal challenges. This work is carried out by integrating research to education and practical activities, in alignment with 3 profiling themes of the Faculty of Technology: Smart Industry, Circular Transition and Designing Future Cities.

Next to being a researcher, Sebastian is within the Robot Studio responsible for three main areas: technical innovation, lab coordination & setup and lastly some research projects. He helps shaping the research projects in the context of technical possiblities. And where possible the available hardware or software in the lab is expanded to create new educational and research opportunities. He is also involved in various projects and helps to realise them technically.

Sebastian is driven to create real world, usable solutions to decrease environmental impact of human activity.

He did a bachelor in Advanced Technology and a master in Industrial Design Engineering both at the University of Twente. Next to his studies he has always had an interest in software development and over the years learned himself a broad set of IT skills. He went on to work on many projects both as founder, as freelancer and as employee but always on hardware (electronics) and/or software development. In one of the projects, he engineered and developed the hardware and software of a novel 3D printer. In his most recent endeavor before joining the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences he created devices for real-time monitoring of off-grid energy systems for example on music festivals.

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