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Boost to circular business via new task force

Centre of Expertise on Urban Technology and partners working on circular objectives in the Amsterdam region

10 nov 2020 12:43 | Kenniscentrum Techniek

The circular economy offers many opportunities for businesses, but continues to struggle with a lack of awareness regarding the subject outside the sustainable sector. A group of organisations from Amsterdam and the surrounding area has therefore set up the CACR task force, the Communication Alliance for a Circular Region. This task force will make companies aware of the business opportunities offered by the circular economy.

The task force consists of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), the Amsterdam Economic Board, Amsterdam Smart City, Metabolic and the AMS Institute together with the City of Amsterdam. The CACR intends to use articles, showcases, webinars and podcasts to show the business community in the Amsterdam area what opportunities exist for them in the circular economy. The initiative also aims to serve as inspiration for other cities in the Netherlands and abroad, sharing circular economy insights from Amsterdam on a wider scale.

Business opportunities

Besides the fact that circularity substantially reduces CO2 emissions worldwide and keeps scarce raw materials available for our prosperity, it will create many jobs in various sectors in the region in the near future. Although these are good reasons in themselves, the organisations in the CACR focus mainly on the many business opportunities for individual companies. These play an important role in convincing companies.

Take Product-as-a-Service (PaaS), for example, and the sharing economy, which allows companies to retain ownership of goods while strengthening their customer base and revenues. Or circular data, which provide insight into the availability of raw materials, giving organisations greater security of supply. The changing needs of major customers (such as government authorities and large enterprises) and investors are also a business opportunity for more circularity within business models.

Multidisciplinary alliance

CACR’s strength lies in the diversity of the organisations involved in it. Amsterdam Smart City and the Amsterdam Economic Board are providing a network platform. The AUAS, Metabolic and the AMS Institute are important knowledge partners. And the City of Amsterdam is an important connector and facilitator of the communication alliance.

Kick-off with Circular Data theme

The CACR will kick off this week with an introductory article on the circular business and a preview of future articles on the first theme: Circular Data.