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Oumaima El Hammouti new student assessor

19 jul 2019 11:52 | Afdeling Communicatie

AUAS student Oumaima el Hammouti has been appointed as the new student assessor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), effective 1 August.

The student assessor is appointed by the AUAS Executive Board and is tasked with representing the ideas and opinions of students and advising the Board on issues raised during meetings. The selection committee for this role included the Supervisory Board, Executive Board and the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR). El Hammouti is the third student assessor to be appointed at the AUAS. She follows in the footsteps of Marco Kloek and Ruben Neuhaus. The appointment is for a period of one year.


Oumaima el Hammouti is a third-year student of public administration (bestuurskunde) at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law (FMR). During the 2018-2019 academic year she was an active member of the representative advisory council 'HvASamen'. She also has experience working for various organisations in Amsterdam. For example, she was a co-organiser of a debate event about dropout rates among first generation students. She also organised a neighbourhood platform to boost participation among residents in Amsterdam Zuidoost. El Hammouti's theme for the upcoming academic year is diversity and inclusion. This aligns perfectly with the AUAS' own objectives.


AUAS Executive Board Chairman, Huib de Jong, is enthusiastic about the appointment. "During the selection process we noticed that Oumaima is skilled at expressing her opinions and transforming them into action. Beyond this, she is very eager to learn and curious. I look forward very much to working with her".