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AMSIB-NBS Joint Master gets NVAO approval: Start September 2021

14 jan 2021 18:01

'I still cannot believe we did it! I had a lot of confidence in what we submitted and I anticipated that we would get, but when I heard that we did, I almost burst into tears,' said Maryna Rusthoven, AMSIB project lead for the development of the Joint Masters.

Sustainable Business Management received approval from Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) on the 16th of December, 2020 at 17:00 hours.

Jacqueline Cramer, the chair of the panel remarked on the passion from the core team, stating that the combination of Sustainability, Globalization and Business is unique and offers prospective students an interdisciplinary graduate business programme with a specific focus on sustainability.

We had a chance to interview Renate Teuwsen, Quality Assurance Manager and member of the core team.

Can you tell us about the Master programme?

This is a Joint master from AMSIB and the Newcastle Business School (NBS) from Northumbria University. The majority of the 90EC programme will take place at the Amsterdam Campus.

What is the goal of this programme?

This master reflects the vision of both schools: creating business leaders for the 21st century that offer creative and sustainable business solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

The programme aims to develop the next generation of business leaders and managers for a world defined by sustainable and circular business models based on fair and ethical stakeholder management.

Graduates will gain interdisciplinary knowledge of how sustainability will shape future business, markets, industries, global value chains and public policy. Further they will learn how to collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, both domestically and internationally, and how to strategize for these challenges.

The programme will further develop their managerial knowledge and skills in shaping future business, giving them a good grasp of how to measure and report on an organisation’s positive impact, using accountability measurements, targets and indicators of sustainability.

How would you define the ‘right’ student for this master programme?

Our programme targets prospective students who are at the beginning of their career and who want a master’s qualification in business and international management which focuses on sustainability. The programme aims to attract students from the UK, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

If a student wants the following, we think they are a good match:

  • You want to be a business manager that is knowledgeable in sustainability
  • You want to work at a company that is or aims to be more sustainable
  • You want to learn about the social and environmental costs of running a business
  • You want to have the skills to develop holistic sustainable solutions to complex business problems

What are the labour market opportunities?

Job opportunities span across the private sector in SMEs and MNCs, social enterprises, public sector and civil society and non-profit governmental organisations. Graduates may also start up their own social enterprise.

Examples of possible job titles:

  • KPMG Manager Sustainability Strategy, mid-level
  • Booking.com Communications Manager – Sustainability, Senior level
  • Innocent Safety and Sustainability Manager, mid-senior level
  • BASF Sustainability Manager Benelux, senior level
  • Accenture Supply Chain, Operations & Sustainability Strategy Manager, mid-senior level

Important facts?

  • Upon completion you will graduate with a joint Master of Science from AUAS and NU
  • This is a full-time master consisting of three semesters and 90 ECs
  • It will be mainly delivered on the Amsterdam campus
  • The entry criteria for the programme are:
    • a relevant Dutch undergraduate (WO or HBO bachelor) degree, or,
    • a relevant 2:2 honours UK degree or an equivalent degree.
    • Prospective students may also apply with a Bachelor degree in subjects other than Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) or business or economics, however the admissions process may require additional steps.
    • Either an IELTS score of 6.5 for entry to the programme (with no component below 5.5), or an equivalent as recognised by AUAS.
  • The programme is an unfunded master and will cost €12 707 for all students. Northumbria and AUAS Alumni will be eligible for a 40% discount, which would then bring the costs down to €7624.

Where can we find more information?

For now more information can be found on the site of Northumbria University. In the new year, more information will be communicated about the admissions process and information sessions.