Hogeschool van Amsterdam

mw.  I. Maldini (Irene)

Promovendus - Researcher

Irene Maldini is a researcher at CREATE-IT (Lectoraat Fashion Research and Technology) and a PhD candidate at VU University Amsterdam. She studied Industrial Design at EUCD/Farq in Uruguay and Design Cultures at VU University Amsterdam (cum laude). She has worked in design practice an education for fifteen years in Uruguay, Brazil and the Netherlands. Her research career started in 2012 in a collaborative research project between VU University and Waag Society. In her ongoing PhD research, she explores the possibility of reducing the volumes of clothing produced and consumed through personalization and production on demand. This possibility is examined critically through three different perspectives: a fashion history and theory approach, an empirical (quantitative and qualitative) approach, and a research-through-design approach.