Kenniscentrum Techniek

  dr. ir. A. Solcerova (Anna)

Onderzoeker klimaatbestendige stad
Jakoba Mulderhuis, Rhijnspoorplein 2, 1091 GC Amsterdam
Postbus 1209,1000 BE Amsterdam
Klimaatbestendige stad
Woensdag, Vrijdag

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Anna started working at the Urban Technology department in May 2018. Her research is a part of a project called Heat Resilient Cities (Hittebestendige stad). The focus of her research lies in understanding different heat adaptation measures, such as trees, green roofs, or urban ponds, and their effect on urban climate. She uses models, and an occasional field measurement campaign, to study this effect and the feasibility of different adaptation measures in different areas of a city.

Before working at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Anna did her PhD at Delft University of Technology. Her research was about influence of water, and water availability for plans, on urban climate. She tested several blue and green climate adaptation measures in order to understand, how do they help cool urban areas during extreme heat.

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