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  ir. M.R. Galli (Marco) MSc.

Jakoba Mulderhuis, Rhijnspoorplein 2, 1091 GC Amsterdam
Postbus 1209,1000 BE Amsterdam
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Marco Galli Caro is an architect and creative engineer with expertise on computational design, robotic production processes and architecture for disaster relief.

He is a researcher and lecturer within the Digital Production Research Group (DPRG). The DPRG is connected to the Center of Expertise Urban Technology, and operates within the Robot Studio of the AUAS. The DPRG explores the impact of digital design and production technologies (industry 4.0) to help address urgent societal challenges. This work is carried out by integrating research to education and practical activities, in alignment with 3 profiling themes of the Faculty of Technology: Smart Industry, Circular Transition and Designing Future Cities.

Marco works on the implementation of digital design to robotic production for Research, Education and Practice, seeking solutions that contribute to the Circular Economy of the city.

Throughout his professional and academic career, he focused his work towards an interdisciplinary - collective effort to respond to contemporary needs, by researching, developing and innovating. He sees the opportunities that comes with the education and industry shift: 'digital production, in combination with traditional knowledge, gives us the opportunity to create effective and sustainable solutions for today and tomorrow needs. By embracing computational design and robotic production, we can have a voice in the upcoming industry.'


After graduating in architecture (2010 - Chile) he focused on learning the practical aspect of the industry, researching into sustainable options to improve the design and building process and teaching design and research methodologies towards future solutions.

In 2013 he moved to NL and did his master at TU Delft. Here he specialised in Computational design, CNC fabrication systems, Interactive Architecture and Design to Robotic Production and Operation.

In 2014 - 2017 collaborated on setting up the first Robotic Building Lab at the faculty of Architecture in TU Delft. He assisted in various research projects that focused on informed design to robotic materialisation processes.

In 2018 he graduated at the Robotic Building Group with an honourable mention on his research thesis; Architecture for Disaster Relief: A multi scale design to production system. This project challenges conventional spaces typologies and employees advance computer based spatial layout techniques and robotic manufacturing methodologies.

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