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  R.P.M. Logjes (Ruben)

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Theo Thijssenhuis, Wibautstraat 2-4 1091 GM Amsterdam
Postbus 2721,1000 CS Amsterdam
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  • Researcher Store innovation Lab/Lectoraat Crossmedia

    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

    september 2018 – heden 3 maanden

    Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

    Parallel to teaching, I've joined this research group at the HvA to focus on Retail and interactivity.

    The two related projects involve shop improvement via VR/AR-storytelling, website and app optimisation, use of sensors (RFID/NFC/iBeacons), fitting and delivery (apparel) and personalisation for customers.

    This collaboration with several companies is based on reallife challenges, combined with academic research and courses for students - we are working together and enhancing each others expertise. Topics that students deal with are Service Design, UX, Data Driven Design, Adaptive Content, building prototypes and of course fieldwork (research).

    The related clients are:
    Project "Redesigning the Experience" (Apparel) - Denham, eDolly, VR Owl
    Project "Proof of Concept" (Bookstores) - AKO, Boekhandel Voorhoeve, Athenaeum, De Nieuwe Boekhandel

  • Lecturer UX

    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

    augustus 2015 – heden 3 jaar 4 maanden

    Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

    Department CMD - communication and media design. Coaching students/graduates in the field of UX and Retail (User Centered Design, Design Thinking, Service Design).

    Relevant projects;
    - PostNL - redesign of their parcel service - behavioral changes due to better micro-interactions in screens and overall UX improvement.
    - Paradiso - redesign of customer experience when going to a concert with many digital possibilities / emerging technologies like RFID, ibeacons etc.

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Ga naar HvA Research Database