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Emphasize Empathy


Amsterdam University of Applied Science (AUAS) in the Netherlands and the Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea, join forces to organize Emphasize Empathy, a unique international event developed in collaboration with the AUAS Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries, the Diversity Hub, the Digital Society School, and CultureHub.

The aim of the event is to create a safe space and stage to make students, artists and lecturers aware to be more consciously emphatic and develop this important skill as we believe this is the key skill needed within the globa-lized, diverse world we live in. We believe that empathy is the foundation for inclusion, diversity and equity. Empathy in the broadest sense of the word using the definition of Paul Ekman: ‘a multidimensional capacity to recogni-se, feel, and/or react compassionately to others’ emotional states’ (Ekman, 2003).

Target population:

Students, lecturers & artists

Activity outline:

  1. Send in video/audio message and complete registration form before the 28th of October 2021
  2. Empathy workshop: 29th of October 2021, Amsterdam 13:00-15:00 CET, Seoul 20:00-22:00 (GMT+9)*
  3. Final empathy event: multilayered participatory experience and call to action. Friday 19th of November 2021, Amsterdam 13:00-15:00 CET, Seoul 20:00-22:00 (GMT+9)*
    *Even though you are not sending in a video/audio message, you can still participate in
    the workshop and/or final event.

What is in it for us

It is a great opportunity for all participants to connect with like-minded people all over the world, learn from each other, share thoughts, express feelings and listen to each other in a safe digital environment.

Besides this, you will have the chance to participate in an empathy workshop facilitated by one of the most amazing trainers in this world, Sobhi Khatib. Sobhi has worked with/for over 70 organizations to advance their efforts on innovation, strategy, storytelling, diversity and inclusion. To name a few of those organisations: Netflix, Al-Jazeera, United Nations, Amnesty International, Greenpeace. Currently, Sobhi leads a program on systematic change at the Digital Society School of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The final empathy event will consist in a larger and multilayered participatory experience. The event will open with the unveiling of the video tapestry created with all the contributions collected from different parts of the world and the result of the workshop. The opening keynote remarks by an inter-national personality from the art and design field will trigger the works of a series of participatory Thematic Dialogue Tables guided and moderated by one of the expert guests, with the objective of discussing more about the meaning of empathy in education and in the creative industry. In the final act, the participants will gather again in plenary session to vote on one common call to action, among various options proposed by the Thematic Tables.

Empathy Video/audio message

How to participate in the video/audio message:
Please answer the following questions and make a video or audio recording of your answers to the following questions which lasts between 1 and 1,5 minute maximum:

Main question:

How would you define empathy? (20 seconds)


  • Is every individual capable of showing empathy? (20 seconds)
  • Does showing empathy make you a (less than) stronger individual? (20 seconds)
  • Can empathy be of negative or positive influence on a societal issue? (20 seconds)

Please feel free to express yourself in any creative way you want. You can answer the questions by simply giving an oral answer but you are also free to express yourself in any artistic way/form that suits you best (within the 20 second timespan) - Pure audio and/or video submissions are allowed.

Once all of your recordings have been made, submit them to us where they will be combined with other recordings from participants from other international locations. The end result will be an online video which will be distributed afterwards and discussed during the workshop. If you’d rather prefer us to not use your video/audio submission for the online distribution, then please let us know by email.

How to submit your recordings:

All recording files should be emailed to bart.rotteveel@hva.nl with in CC l.essing@hva.nl &
c.r.m.henny@hva.nl using Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer and must be received before October 28th 2021. All files should be named in the following: Emphasize Empathy event 2021.

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