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HBO-ICT Quantum Computing Conference 2019

The revolution is ongoing


Large companies such as IBM, Google and AliExpress invest millions in research on Quantum Computing. But what are quantum computers and how do they work? What is the status of the development process of these revolutionary computers? And how can you be part of this new movement as an IT professional, scientist or business manager/owner? Sign up and learn more about Quantum Computing!

The revolutionary computers are expected to lead to breakthroughs in data analysis by performing a large number of calculations simultaneously, offering new options for data encryption (optimal encryption) and by performing simulation at the molecular level. This may mean, for example, that the composition of medicines can be optimized and therefore the effectiveness. The Netherlands is in the leading group of countries that want to be the first to deliver a fully functioning quantum computer. The revolution is ongoing, but what does this mean for the IT sector, entrepreneurs and society in general?

In collaboration with Capgemini and IBM, the HBO-ICT program at the University of Applied Sciences (HvA) is organizing the Quantum Computing Conference on 15 October. Various speakers will provide insight into Quantum Computing in general and its development, applications and implications.


Provisional conference programme

The conference programme is provisional and may be subject to amendment.

The programme

12.30 - 13.00 hr Arrival
13.00 hr Start and welcome
13.05 hr Opening by Geleyn Meijer, Rector AUAS (HvA)
13.10 hr Let's talk Quantum Computing! A short film
13.15 hr Quantum Computing thus far. Status report on the revolution
13.30 hr Keynote speaker by IBM Research
14.00 hr 

Breakout sessions (45 min) 

  • Hands for engineers and developers 
  • Community
  • Presentation by Capgemini
15:00 hr BREAK
15.30 hr

Breakout sessions (45 min) 

  • Technical presentation
  • Workshop Design Thinking by Capgemini


16:20 hr Interactive debate about de implications of Quantum Computing on consumers, businesses (large and SMEs), the job market and society.
16.55 hr Closing remarks
17.00 hr Networking drink

More information about the speakers will soon be provided on this website and by e-mail.

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