Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Innovation with Impact

Honours Talent Module / Honours Module

Business is demanding more and more innovative (work)skills ! At Innovation with impact, you will learn how to leave the beaten track and practise thinking out of the box. You will discover techniques to enhance your creativity. 

In addition you will develop your ability to think on your feet. You will be working together with an actual company or organisation with a view to solving real-life commercial problems!

Topics that are covered include  brainstorming techniques,  Diverge and Converge,  product developing/ co-creation, trend watching, unconventional presentations and debating. You will practise your ability to think and react fast and to convince the people you need. During the Street Safari assignment you will see everything around you in a completely new way.

Lecturer: Tekla Hulscher
HvA-students (1st and 2nd year)
Semester 2
Classes on wednesdays
Language: English (or Dutch if only Dutch students registered)

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit Business en Economie 13 november 2018