Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Entrepreneurship, Philosophy and the Arts

Honours Talent Module

Entrepreneurship is about recognizing and pursuing opportunities. It is about giving your business all you've got.

This means using your network, taking risks and dealing with failure. You will need to proactively search for new experiences to inspire fresh ideas and inform novel insights. Your "soft skills" should be developed to communicate in an international and intercultural environment. You will need enthusiasm, motivation and belief in your own abilities, if necessary against all odds. And once you've developed your hunch into an idea that you are convinced will have a positive impact, not just for yourself but for the wider community, you will need to go out there and convince the world.

This interdisciplinary course will help you do just that. You will learn how Philosophy and The Arts relate to entrepreneurship, culture and identity. You will learn how to speak with truth and conviction. You will learn how to chart your network and make it work to reach your goals. You will understand how exposure to different "worlds" creates unexpected insights and leads to innovative out-of-the box thinking. This will culminate into an invaluable "toolkit" that will stand you in good stead. Whatever venture you decide to tackle next, be prepared to be amazed and empowered!

There will be several excursions in Amsterdam, where you will be able to experience the links between Entrepreneurship, Philosophy and The Arts for yourselves "on location". You will be given assignments, individually and in groups, on a topic of your choice, which will lead to a "useful product", i.e. a scripted video, brochure, a work of art (painting, poem, song), booklet, an article or a report, a cultural review, a mind map, etc. to be presented and discussed. At the end you will be requested to reflect on your findings through a report or a poster.

Lecturer: Anne-Sophie Andela
Semester 2
Language: English
Lessons on Thursdays end excursions are included in the programme.

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