Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Inter-cultural Communication

Honours Module

This honours module explores how you might perceive your own cultural identity, while investigating cultural differences from your peers perspective. One of the aims of this Honours Module is to explore the many ways in which culture interrelates with and effects the communication processes, while learning more about the institutions that facilitate cross cultural dialogue legally, socially and politically.   

The professional work place is diverse, global, and constantly evolving.  Communication is fluid. The need for effective communication and clear dialogue is at the centre of all business processes and extremely necessary to function in today’s society.

After this course, it is our hope that your awareness of your own cultural background, the contexts (historical, cultural and social) and the impact this has on your role in society promotes cross cultural sensitively that can help you successfully navigate the many issues experienced in a multi-cultural setting.

Lecturer: Emily Rutland
HvA- students
Language: English
Semester 1, block 2
Semester 2, block 4
Lectures on Tuesdays

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit Business en Economie 14 november 2017