Hogeschool van Amsterdam

European Financial Markets & Institutions

Honours Module

Following the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the stabilization of financial markets became a top priority and financial sector reform a crucial instrument to create a safer and sounder financial sector in the EU.

This module gives an analysis of the European Financial system from different angles. Combining theory and policy, financial markets and institutions are examined and explained, as well as the challenges in the domain of politics and supervision. How institutions as European Parliament, European Commission and European Central Bank work both in theory and in practice. Where the money for the EU comes from and where it goes. What the single market means for banking and finance.

Lecturer: Paul Feenstra
Semester: 1 and 2
Lectures on Tuesdays - 5 EC
Language: English
Mainphase - HvA wide

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit Business en Economie 13 november 2018