Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Real Life Research & Consultancy

Honours Module / Honours Talent Module

Did you ever wonder: Whether upgrading your old I-phone is better than buying a new one? If organic food is better than regular food? How waste separation works? Where the data mining monopoly from Google leads to?

In this honors module we challenge you to find out the truth about sustainability issues in daily life. You will have the opportunity to unravel a question that really preoccupies you. And while investigating we will go to the bottom. We will visit companies or institutions involved and ask them the right and painful questions. In this course you will learn:

  • How to formulate the right questions during a problem assessment;
  • How to analyze the issue at hand, analyzing the stakeholders involved;
  • How to plan your “truth finding quest” using a sustainability theory and research methods;
  • How to advise the targeted organization with clean alternatives;
  • How look back at the intervention and learn.

So, in short, this English course combines sustainability issues and research tools that prepare you for your bachelor thesis. You will be in charge; you may choose with a small group the research subject. The tutor will provide theory and methods you deem necessary for your research. Tutor and students will meet two-weekly on a Tuesday night at the Wibauthuis during semester 2. Classes might be sometimes on general theory alternated with consultancy hours or sometimes brainstorm workshops. So, most of the work will be done outside the classes. This is where your personal interest meets methodical action.

Lecturer: Xandra Cremers
HvA-students (first and second year)
Semester 2
Language: English
Lessons on Tuesdays


Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit Business en Economie 13 november 2018