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Discover the facilities of the Business Campus

Meld je hier aan voor een van de rondleidingen / Sign up here for a Campus Tour

Recently the Business Campus has been thoroughly renovated. Do you want to get to know all the special places? Want to know how to find your way, where to find everything? Sign up here for a short tour of the Business Campus by our colleague Gert-Jan Baerents, who knows everything about the building.

Duration 1 hour

Gathering Point

The Atrium (open space on the 1st floor, in front of the elevators)


Gert-Jan Baerents


Walking tour


Dutch and English


Daily, 6 to 10 September, at 10:00 (Dutch) and 13:00 (English)

Number of people

Max. 15

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit Business en Economie 26 augustus 2021