Centre for Financial Innovation

  A.S. Rapozo (Aurelius) MBA

Fraijlemaborg, Fraijlemaborg 133, 1102 CV Amsterdam
Postbus 524,1000 AM Amsterdam

‘Education sows not seeds in you, but makes your seeds grow’. – Kahlil Gibran

Since Mr Rapozo’s commencement at the Amsterdam School of International Business in 2008 as a lecturer in finance and economics, he had the the opportunity to experience a number of developments at AMSIB. Understanding the anxieties and limitations of students has enthused him to find realistic ways to build a pathway of learning not only at a cognitive level but also at an emotional and spiritual level.

Mr Rapozo’s professional background has been in music. He had his musical education as a cellist and conductor in Switzerland, UK and the Netherlands. In India, where he was born as raised, he had his formal education in commerce and economics. Having failed in my conducting career, he pursued his academic studies and earned a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Bradford, UK. Furthermore, Mr Rapozo followed courses in intellectual property rights in Switzerland and an external Financial Management Programme at the University of London in Macroeconomics Models and Policies, Bank Financial Management, and Corporate Finance.

Entpreneurial spirit is his quest and indulged in the airconditioning business in Bombay, India. Furthermore, he has worked as a management consultant in the credit card services (Business Development), airline industry (Revenue and Change management), and intellectual property rights (Copyright, Performing, Mechanical and Synchronisation rights).

Mr Rapozo is interested in exploring (working) cultures in different societal settings. He has a passion for appreciative inquiry, philosophy and sacred contracts. Mr Rapozo is also a fervent lover of art especially the works of the Austrian painter Egon Schiele and the music of Anton Bruckner.