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  R.E. Loke (Rob)

Assistant Professor Data Science
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Wibauthuis, Wibautstraat 3b, 1091 GH Amsterdam
Postbus 526,1000 AM Amsterdam
Online data mining | Pattern recognition | Computer graphics and visualization | Engineering
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Rob Loke is assistant professor data science at the Centre for Market Insights of the HvA. He holds a MSc degree in computer science as well as a PhD degree, both from Delft University of Technology. He also holds a MA degree in psychology from Leiden University.

Rob was previously stationed and employed in Spain, Portugal, Italy and The Netherlands where he was consultant, researcher, lecturer and ad interim in the public and private sector. He designed, prototyped/built, tested and finetuned a large number of software systems architectures in nationally and European-Union funded projects, individually, but also jointly in teams. Rob authored/coauthored about 40 scientific papers in books, journals and conference proceedings. For his PhD-work on the visualisation of sparse datasets from the seabottom he was invited four times to IEEE/OCEANS conferences in the USA—Seattle, Providence, Honolulu and Biloxi. Based on his machine learning system for diatom recognition that he engineered as ad interim data scientist in only three weeks, four new species were identified by taxonomy experts from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Rob applies his knowledge/expertise to projects in the CMIHvA with regard to online data mining, big data, natural language processing and machine learning.

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