Hogeschool van Amsterdam

dhr.  A.T.C. Onstein (Sander) MSc

Docent-onderzoeker Logistiek

Sander Onstein works as a teacher and researcher at the logistics department of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). His teaching activities include, amongst others, Physical Distribution (1st year students) and minor Airport-Seaport Logistics (3rd year students). As a researcher of the lectoraat ‘Smart Mobility & Logistics’ he is part of the Urban Technology research group, an interdisciplinary research team (logistics, engineering and built environment) within the Faculty of Technology.

From 2012 – 2014 he worked on the RAAK-PRO financed research project ‘Supply Chain and Network Strategies for Logistics SMEs’. The research focused on strengthening the position of logistics SMEs at Schiphol airport and the Port of Amsterdam. He coordinated (student) research for several companies, e.g., KLM Cargo, ICL Fertilizers and FloraHolland. The publication can be downloaded here (in Dutch). Next to this he carried out a benchmark study on Airport-Seaport regions.

From March 2015 he started PhD research under supervision of Prof. Dr. Lori Tavasszy (TU Delft). His PhD research deals with the factors that influence logistics’ company decision making on distribution structures. Distribution structures include the distribution type (centralized / decentralized) as well as the location of distribution centers between production to consumption. The research strategy is qualitative and includes case studies into three industry sectors: high tech, fashion and online commerce. For each case study, shippers and logistics service providers will be interviewed on distribution structure decision making.