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Global Health: Urban Vitality

Improvement & equity in health worldwide

You, as a newly graduated health professional, have the opportunity to work in a health clinic abroad. You encounter quickly that the health care system is set up differently then what you are used to and that the living conditions, the social determinants of health, are greatly impacting on the health of the people you are working with. How can you, as a health professional, better understand what makes people 'unhealthy', beyond just a biomedical understanding? What assumptions and beliefs do you have about health and healing and how are they different from those of other people and cultures? How can you respect the beliefs and assumptions of these people, when you are working to improve health? How can you apply these skills, abroad but also in diverse settings in your home country?

  • The minor allows you to view health related issues from a holistic perspective in which the social, environmental, economic and political situation of individuals and communities are considered as influencers on health.
  • It allows you to understand international trends in disease and illness and allows you to apply these in real life projects both at home and abroad.
  • This experience contributes to skills which will support you internationally and at home in your future career challenges created by our globalizing world.  


The Global Health minor is taught in English. This minor will expand you perspectives on health using social science theory and methods which allow critical analysis of health issues.

Intercultural communication skills are required to collaborate in project work together with Dutch and international students. While conducting fieldwork internationally or in The Netherlands, building partnerships with community stakeholders requires an open mind and flexibility in scheduling and living conditions. 

Gepubliceerd door  Faculteit Gezondheid 28 januari 2019

Research Award 2016