Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Centre for Applied Research on Economics & Management

dhr.  Dr. J.M.H.J. Beelen (Jos)

Research and Policy Advisor

L'imagination gouverne le monde [Imagination rules the world] - Napoléon Bonaparte 

Mr Beelen is Senior Policy Advisor for Internationalisation at the School of Economics and Management. He advises academics and managers on international relations and particularly on the international and intercultural dimension of the curriculum. In addition to this, Mr Beelen is a member of the Board of Appeal for Exams at AUAS. His research is focused on the internationalisation of curricula in higher education, particularly for Economics and Management.

Mr Beelen is a Honorary Research Fellow at Coventry University, Visiting Fellow at Leeds Metropolitan University and a member of the Publications Committee of the European Association for International Education.

Before joining the Amsterdam School of International Business, Mr Beelen was a lecturer of History and a curriculum developer at InHolland University of Applied Sciences. Subsequently, he became Head of the International Office at the School of Education at AUAS.

Mr Beelen holds a Bachelor’s degree in History, a Master’s (cum laude) in Classical Archaeology from the University of Amsterdam and has a PhD in International Education from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy.

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