Real-time feedback on mechanical power output

facilitating crew rowers' compliance with prescribed training intensity


<p>PURPOSE: Athletes require feedback in order to comply with prescribed training programs designed to optimize their performance. In rowing, current feedback parameters on intensity are inaccurate. Mechanical power output is a suitable objective measure for training intensity, but due to movement restrictions related to crew rowing, it is uncertain whether crew rowers are able to adjust their intensity based on power-output feedback. The authors examined whether rowers improve compliance with prescribed power-output targets when visual real-time feedback on power output is provided in addition to commonly used feedback.</p><p>METHODS: A total of 16 crew rowers rowed in 3 training sessions. During the first 2 sessions, they received commonly used feedback, followed by a session with additional power-output feedback. Targets were set by their coaches before the experiment. Compliance was operationalized as accuracy (absolute difference between target and delivered power output) and consistency (high- and low-frequency variations in delivered power output).</p><p>RESULTS: Multilevel analyses indicated that accuracy and low-frequency variations improved by, respectively, 65% (P > .001) and 32% (P = .024) when additional feedback was provided.</p><p>CONCLUSION: Compliance with power-output targets improved when crew rowers received additional feedback on power output. Two additional observations were made during the study that highlighted the relevance of power-output feedback for practice: There was a marked discrepancy between the prescribed targets and the actually delivered power output by the rowers, and coaches had difficulties perceiving improvements in rowers' compliance with power-output targets.</p>

Reference Lintmeijer, L. L., Knoek van Soest, A. J., Robbers, F. S., Hofmijster, M. J., & Beek, P. J. (2019). Real-time feedback on mechanical power output: facilitating crew rowers' compliance with prescribed training intensity. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 14(3), 303-309.
Published by  Urban Vitality 1 March 2019

Publication date

Mar 2019


Lotte L Lintmeijer
A J Knoek van Soest
Freek S Robbers
Mathijs J Hofmijster
Peter J Beek

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