Report Inventory phase


In this report, the results of the inventory phase are discussed. The goal of the inventory phase was to collect data on the current and desired situation concerning opportunities for children and youth with a disability to do sport activities (supply) and their needs regarding sport (demand). In the inventory phase in each country interviews were conducted and a literature review was executed in order to get insight into the current and desired situation regarding supply and demand of adapted physical activity (APA). Furthermore, based on a questionnaire filled in by youth or their parents, data were gathered about sports participation, experiences with adapted sports and the contentment about the supply of adapted sports. Thereafter, each country has identified the best practices to increase participation in adapted sports for youth in their country. During the project, the results of the inventory phase were discussed in partner meetings.

Reference Kerkstra, A., Deutekom, M., Dekkers, V., & Breedijk, M. (2017). Report Inventory phase. Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
Published by  Faculteit Bewegen, Sport en Voeding 14 June 2017

Publication date

Jun 2017


Afke Kerkstra
Marije Deutekom
Vera Dekkers


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